Sunday, July 15, 2007

PVC Leggings

No seriously, PVC leggings. Apparently, they're back. From what? I have no idea. But some people considered celebrities are apparently wearing them, so they must be back. Either that, or Victoria Beckam isn't the icon she thinks she is. Gasp!!

If that's not enough entertainment, here are some tips from the Independent on how to wear them without requiring a visit to the Emergency Room.

Tips for wearing PVC/latex leggings
1 Some people will argue that this trend is for the size zeros only.

I disagree. If you don’t want a totally fitted look, then opt for a size bigger than you would normally choose.

2 Use a good dousing of talcum powder both on your legs and the inside of the leggings, then bunch them up like you would with stockings to pull them carefully up your legs.

3 Some latex leggings come with a spray that’s supposed to make them all shiny. Spray them all over and wipe down with a cloth.

4 Providing you don’t have any trapped air bubbles, they are actually surprisingly comfortable to wear.

5 Latex leggings are pretty subdued in sound. But be warned, the squelchy noise problem does arise when wearing PVC leggings.

6 When removing them, roll your legging down to slip them off and try not to pull them too much.

They forgot to say "don't exhale." After all, oxygen is sooooo yesterday.